Friday, 12 February 2016

Here is my letter to the Prime Minister about Lucy Allan copied to the Chairman of the Telford Conservatives

7th February 2016

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Mr Cameron


I wish to make you aware of the damage that my MP Lucy Allan is continuing to do to the Party and urge you to take action.

I should immediately make it clear that until now I have always voted Conservative in elections. I have lived in Telford for most of my life and last year I voted for Mark Pritchard as I lived in his constituency at that time, but I supported Lucy Allan on social media and thought her success was well-deserved.  However, because of Mrs Allan’s lack of openness and accountability with regards to the ‘Unless you die’ email and because of her conduct towards me personally the Conservatives have now lost my support.

Mrs Allan is continuing to avoid questions about the source of the words ‘Unless you die’ that she added to a constituent’s email and published on her facebook page in December 2015.    

She claims that these words were taken from a second email that she has received but she refuses to publish that email (which she has confirmed was anonymous and non-threatening) or a relevant extract of it and she refuses to explain why she cannot publish it.

In the absence of any evidence to support Mrs Allan’s claim, the only logical conclusion that I and many other people have drawn is that those words did not come from a second email but that Mrs Allan herself made those words up before adding them to her constituent’s email.  If this is the case this would mean that the official statements that she has been making to members of public and the national media are false.

Last month Lucy Allan MP pulled out of a scheduled interview with the BBC because, as the BBC have officially stated, they ‘couldn’t agree to avoid questions on the ‘’Unless you die’’ email.’   
Last month I explained to the local Conservatives Association that I had emailed Mrs Allan concerning the ‘Unless you die’ email but had not received a straight reply from her. They were very helpful and advised me to contact Mrs Allan to arrange a surgery appointment to discuss my concerns. Later that day I received a shocking email from Mrs Allan in which she accused me of conduct that could be described as ‘stalking’ and she told me that any further contact with her office would be considered ‘harassment’.  I was appalled at receiving this email because all I had done was to correspond by email asking for clarification of the unpublished ‘Unless you die’ email. I immediately went to the police because if Mrs Allan was going to wrongly accuse me of stalking I was concerned that she might later wrongly accuse me of harassment.

Another constituent was last week refused a surgery appointment with Mrs Allan last week because he wanted to discuss the ‘Unless you die’ email.

Numerous people have asked Mrs Allan via social media why she will not publish the ‘Unless you die’ email and she has responded by ignoring their question and then blocking them.

I believe from speaking to people in Telford that Mrs Allan is losing a great deal of support because of her lack of openness and her blocking of voters who dare to question her.

Because the Conservative Party has so far taken no action against Mrs Allan many people have interpreted this as the Party condoning her actions.  Others have pointed out that Telford is a marginal seat and they believe that the Conservative Party will do anything to hang on to that seat and so will support Lucy Allan come what may.

In my view, if the Conservative Party continues to take no action there will be longer-term damage done to the Conservatives’ election chances in Telford and possibly further afield. However, if decisive action is taken now to distance the Party from the actions of Mrs Allan this can only reflect well on the Party as a whole.

Yours sincerely

Neil Phillips 

cc Mr David Wright, Chairman of Telford Conservatives